Wednesday, 24 October 2012

How to Win German Lotto 649

Yes, there is a proven strategy that works for winning the German Lotto 6/49. Most lottery system do very little or nothing at all to increase your odds to win the German Lotto, but there is one lottery system called Lotto Guy Lottery System which has had numerous reports stating good to very good wins playing the German Lotto 6/49.

This really is no surprise as the lotto guy system is most like the best lottery system in the world for all pick 5 number and pick 6 number lottery games. It is not your usual common lottery prediction software, it is a totally unique 3 step system that was developed by real techs, most likely why it works so good for about 75% of the lottery players that use it.

Germany lotto players must match all six main numbers and the seventh Bonus Ball in order to land the jackpot. As with most lottery systems you will need to pick your bonus ball yourself. Just pick a ball or number that seems to be drawn the most and stick with it.

It is a fact! You need to use a lottery system to increase your odds to win the German Lottery. Lottery systems such as the Lotto Guy Lottery System are the right lottery tool for the job.