Thursday, 1 November 2012

Win California Lottery Effective Strategy

Are you one of the millions of people playing the California Lottery games on a consistent basis such as California Superlotto Plus, Mega Million or Fantasy 5? Let me ask you this, do you ever win or hit even a 3 lotto numbers winning lotttery ticket? Did you know most people who play the California Lotto hardly ever hit a 3 lottery number winner and that my friend is due to using poor playing strategy.
 You must play the lottery games much smarter if you really want serious winning results. Losing draw after draw is not the best feeling, how about winning 5-6 draws out of 8 lotto draws on a regular basis, how's that sound? Your losing ways can end right now, all you need to do is use a real tested and proven winning lottery system that is known for winning the California Lottery games. There are many systems out there, but most are useless, you need the ones that actual lottery winners use and recommend. It is sad to say, but most people get lured into the useless lotto systems by false advertising or hype, then find out they win nothing, you know the systems like The Lotto Black Book System, Lotto Cash machine, Formula 1 Lotto Software System, Beat The Lotto, Beat Lotto, Lottery Method, Lottery Crusher, Silver Lotto System, Lottery Circle, Lotto Strategies For Winners, Lotto Variant, Win The Lottery In Three Steps by  Mark Bower Lottery, plus many more. These systems are all designed to make the seller money, not win lotteries.
  A proven reputable system that has won these California Lotto games such as Lotto Guy Lottery System will definitely work in your favour to increase your odds to win. The odds to win are 1 in 18 million for lotto games as Superlotto Plus. This is another reason why most California lottery players never win the lottery. Not just winning the large lottery jackpot, but the smaller to medium  lottery cash prizes way more frequently, while still waiting to hit a jackpot anytime!
Here are some very simple easy but effective tips that will allow you to have more success at winning the California lottery games. First you increase the number of lottery tickets you play, this will instantly improve your odds to win. The next tip is play the lottery game that has the best over all odds to win, this is a no brainer and will again increase your chances to win even further. Now to get the full benefit of playing more lottery tickets and hitting more winning lottery numbers, you absolutely MUST use a verified tested and proven lottery system as Lotto Guy Lottery System and stop using quick picks or choosing your lotto numbers by silly methods as numerology, horoscope, or lucky numbers, astrology numbers, birthdays, random numbers or lottery analysis software systems which are very common and a waste of money.
Only use what the more serious lotto players use and recommend to beat the California Lottery? Lottery systems such as the Lotto Guy Lottery System a legit University developed tested and proven system developed by real techs using real data analysis, No Garbage and is not sold by any shady marketers! The system has worked wonders for about 75% of the lottery players who use it. This excellent three-step lottery system actually won best lottery system in the world by poll votes over 15 other so-called great lottery systems. It is the absolute best proven  highly recommended system used for California Lottery games or any pick 5 and pick 6 lottery games worldwide.
In order here are the best lotto systems for the California lotto games.
1-Lotto Guy Lottery System ( see link for website on our link menu on right top of page
2-Smart Play Lotto Wheels
3-Smart Luck
You now have all you need to start winning some real lottery money, all you have to do is apply it! 

Smart Play Lotto Wheels